Secure Document Sharing

Secure document sharing is the sharing of documents using digital processes to protect the data from access by anyone else. It is a crucial part of the collaboration process in business and is essential to enhance team productivity however, unsecure methods of document sharing can create serious security risks, such as accidental data leaks, unauthorized alterations and malware infection.

To avoid such issues, companies must implement a file sharing policy that specifies the legal ways employees can use to share data among themselves and with third parties. It’s also vital to establish an extensive IT security system that includes authentication tools for users like password managers, two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO) to reduce risks of data breaches.

Many of the most popular document sharing platforms aren’t considered secure and can expose sensitive data to cybercriminals. Businesses should set up the use of a virtual dataroom to limit these vulnerabilities. It has a range of features that ensure the safety and security of shared documents.

A private file-sharing service can also be a viable option to provide secure access to authorized users. It is important to select one that can support all major file formats and allows you to set unique access permissions for each user. The role-based access control tool is a beneficial feature that limits viewing permissions of users to files and folders that are relevant to their work.

Platforms for file sharing that have secure storage should use advanced encryption technology, and records of file activity provide valuable insight into the sharing and viewing of sensitive documents. These systems are often protected by security protocols to ensure compliance with industry regulations and help companies identify suspicious activities.