Tips for Successful Remote Business Meetings

As workplaces are becoming more flexible remote business meetings are becoming the norm. Geographic freedom to work anywhere in the world is a great opportunity to attract a wide variety of people.

However, there are challenges when working remotely that can cause disengagement, frustration and ultimately a lack of productivity. For example, meetings can often take a long time due to scheduling, time zones or technical issues. It can be difficult for employees to concentrate on work after long meetings.

It’s crucial to use the appropriate tools and appropriate manners to ensure your remote meeting is conducted smoothly. This includes using video to show all the people in the room. It also means adhering to the rules of meeting, such as being punctual and not responding to emails when a meeting via remote is taking place. It is important to provide a summary to attendees to help them keep track of any action items and the next steps.

It’s crucial to establish rapport with remote workers and ensure that they feel valued. This can be accomplished by beginning each remote meeting with a bit of small talk, like asking employees what they’re up to and what they’ve been up to in their lives. This is particularly effective for new employees or those who are struggling with feelings of loneliness and isolation while working remote.